Introducing new President’s Blog and Kudos Report online submission form

The Office of the President is launching two new engagement initiatives – a new blog for York University President and Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri, and an online submission form where all community members can provide input to the University-wide Kudos Report.

Blog_Promo_FB_LN Shoukri will post regular updates on his blog about the York community, including campus events, activities and initiatives, as well as provide personal insights into his experiences as president.

The blog will also be the new home of the Kudos Report that is produced monthly during the school year by the Office of the President. This report is shared with members of the University Senate and Board of Governors for their meetings, as well as on social media, as a platform to celebrate and promote the many accomplishments, successes and contributions of the University community.

In conjunction with the launch of Shoukri’s new blog, the Office of the President is launching a new Kudos Report online submission form. All York community members are invited to submit details about the achievements of individuals or groups among York staff, faculty, students and alumni using this new e-form.

“I am glad to be launching this blog, as I see it as another way to connect with the York community and to share the many positive things happening on campus,” said Shoukri. “We know that our community is creating, helping and innovating at a remarkable rate and in truly inspiring – and surprising – ways. And so, I am also looking forward to hearing from our community through the new Kudos Report online submission form. I encourage everyone to share their stories of excellence so we can better recognize individual and collective successes as well as the incredibly positive impact our University community is having here and around the world.”

If you know a York community member or group whose recent achievements or contributions inspire you or deserve recognition, you can share their story via the Kudos Report Submission Form on the Office of the President website:

Visit Shoukri’s new blog and connect with him here: