Conference explores African faith-based activism in the western world

Conference posterLeading intellectuals and practitioners in law, political science, theology, sociology, anthropology, and more will convene on April 29 for the “African Faith-Based Activism in Canada and the Western World: Law, Politics and Socio-Economics” conference.

Presenters and discussants will listen to other prepared papers, engage in debates, and work toward the formation of an international research network with respect to what ways African religious movements have shaped or affected Western states and society, and what the implication for theories on the relationship between the global North and the global South are.

The event runs from 9am to 5pm in Room 2027, Ignat Kaneff Building, and is funded by Osgoode/York@50 and supported by Jack and Mae Nathanson Centre (main organizing unit), Founders College, York U African Studies and International Development Studies Program.


Presenters include:

  • Ebenezer Babatunde Obadare (University of Kansas, Sociology Department) on “Man of God, Subject of Veneration: Pastors, Politics, and Changing Forms of Authority in Africa”;
  • David Este (University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work) on “Early Black Churches in Canada: Sites of Activism and Resistance”; and
  • Sylvia Bawa (York University, Department of Sociology) on “Religious encounters: Gender, Decolonization and empowerment in Ghana”.

Discussants at this event include Prof. Amelie Barras (York University, Department of Social Science); Prof. François Tanguay-Renaud (York University, Osgoode Hall Law School); Prof. Benjamin Berger (York University, Osgoode Hall Law School); Rahina Zarma (University of Saskatchewan, College of Law); and Saratu Bissallah Alao.

To RSVP, visit and use the event code Activism.