PhD candidate William Atkinson delivers talk on the fiction of science fiction

All speculative fiction rests on science – be it antimatter, ray guns, bio-monsters, or robots with high self-esteem. It’s true of thoughtful, literate writing as well as pulp schlock. But exactly how do science fiction authors navigate from fact to possibility? How do they get from science to sci-fi?

William Illsey Atkinson, an award-winning author of science fiction and nonfiction, a contributor to the Globe and Mail and Physics Today, and a PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies at York University, will explore this topic during a talk on April 7.

“A Disciplined Imagination: The Fiction of Science Fiction” takes place at the Toronto Public Library, Agincourt Branch, at 6:30pm.

In this engaging lecture, Atkinson will examine the ways in which science fiction novelists and screenwriters examine cutting-edge science, decide what to ignore or emphasize, and then weave imagination into compelling tales.

Science matters, and so does wondering how it might affect us – both activities are uniquely human. So what happens when smartphones are embedded in our skulls? When neuroscience decodes the power of Aboriginal consciousness? When technology defeats death?

Come out and hear a high-energy popularizer discuss these relevant, exciting themes.