Talk explores history of LGBTQ community and police organizations in Canada

A presentation by the Centre for Feminist Research & Sexuality Studies will explore the history of the relationship between LGB, trans and queer people and police organizations in Canada.

Alexa DeGagne
Alexa DeGagne

“The Protected, the Targeted, the Criminalized: Changing Relationships between Canadian Police Organizations, and LGB, Trans and Queer People” runs April 12 from 3 to 4:30pm at 519 Kaneff Tower, and features a talk by Alexa DeGagne, 2015-16 visiting scholar in Sexuality Studies.

This presentation examines the history of these relationships in order to consider why and how the recent rapprochement between certain heteronormal LGB Canadian and different police organizations has excluded already marginalized and overly criminalized LGB, trans and queer people, and has at the same time galvanized intersectional social activism among populations that are disproportionately targeted, abused and criminalized by police and the legal justice system.

DeGagne is an assistant professor in Women’s and Gender Studies at Athabasca University. Her research, teaching and community engagement are focused on gender-based and sexuality-based social justice movements and activisms in Canada and the United States.

She will be introduced by by Amar Wahab, coordinator in Sexuality Studies.

The event is co-sponsored by the Department of Anthropology. Light refreshments will be served. Plese send RSVPs to This seminar counts towards GFWS program requirements.