Full-day conference examines crisis situations in Europe

A one-day conference exploring the different crises in Europe will take place on Friday, March 4 from 9:30am to 4:30pm in Ross S674.

Professor Sakis Gekas
Sakis Gekas
Heather MacCrae
Heather MacCrae

The Jean Monnet Chair (Heather MacCrae)and the Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair (Sakis Gekas) jointly present a full day series of panels during “Reflections on the Crises in Europe” to look at the financial crisis, refugee crisis and institutional crisis straining the European Union (EU).

With the EU evidently at a crossroads, the conference will look at these different crises and what they mean for Europe, democracy and the international community.

Ahead of one of the most important recent meetings of EU heads of state or government with Turkey, this series of panels explores the origins, the current state and the potential consequences of the current crises in Europe.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Leo Panitch, York University, presenting “The European Left in Crisis”;
  • Thabit Abdullah, York University, presenting “Reflections on the Roots of the Current Conflict in Iraq”;
  • Sakis Gekas, York University, presenting “Living on the edge; Greece as a permanently liminal space?”;
  • Feyzi Baban, Trent University, presenting “Neither Guests Nor Refugees: Syrian Refugees and Negotiating Citizenship Rights”;
  • Christopher Kyriakides, York University, presenting “Overconsuming Cultures” at the Boundaries of Fortress Europe”;
  • Phil Triandafilopoulos, University of Toronto, presenting “Large Scale Forced Migration and the Democratic Constitutional State”; and
  • Heather MacRae, York University, presenting “Now what? Europe’s uncertain future”.

Those wishing to attend should RSVP to hmacrae@yorku.ca or agekas@yorku.ca. Refreshments and lunch will be served.

The event is co-sponsored by the Jean Monnet Chair at York University and the Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair in Modern Greek History.