Faculty of Education hosts discussion on international education and local employment

Is the Ontario labour market global ready? An event on March 2 hosted by the Faculty of Education will explore this question during a presentation between noon and 1:30pm in 234 York Lanes.

The event, “International Education and Local Employment: Is the Ontario Labour Market Global-Ready?” will feature guest presenters to talk about the Universities Canada report Canada’s Universities in the World (2014) and its claims that preparing domestic and international students for a globalized labour market is the key rationale for internationalization.

It states: “among the most prominently discussed rationales for internationalization is creating globally aware graduates with skills suited to the jobs of today and tomorrow” (p. 3). This implies that employers are looking for, and are in need of, graduates with international and intercultural competencies.

Is this the rhetoric or reality when it comes to the Ontario labour market, and what are its implications for international educators and policy makers?

Roopa Desai-Trilokekar
Roopa Desai-Trilokekar

Presenters from the Faculty of Education Roopa Desai-Trilokekar, associate professor, and Laura Crane, director of Academic Affairs and Operations, will discuss the topic.

Desai-Trilokekar will present a talk on “International Students as “Ideal” Immigrants: Perspectives from International Students, University Staff & Employers”, and explore how international students have come to be viewed as “ideal” immigrants or “designer migrants” (Simmons, 1999, cited by Chira, 2013) encouraging shifts in government and institutional policy, programs and services to facilitate their transition to permanent residents. Findings from three studies (exploring the perspectives of international students, university staff and Ontario employers) will be presented to identify contradictions in policy rhetoric and challenges and limitations in translating policy into practice.

Qiang Zha
Qiang Zha

Crane’s presentation on “Ontario School Administrators’ Consideration of Teachers’ International Experiences during the Hiring Process” will look at how many Ontario-educated teachers are gaining international experience through international internships, exchanges, practicum placement or paid employment. Participants will hear about how a quantitative study of 131 Ontario school administrators consider international experience – and other factors – during the local hiring process.

The event’s discussant will be Qiang Zha, associate professor, Faculty of Education.

Please RSVP to MThomas@edu.yorku.ca to confirm attendance. A light lunch will be served.