York U Postdoctoral Fellow awarded SSHRC Connection Grant for International Law Symposium to be held at Osgoode Hall

Sagi Peari
Sagi Peari

Sagi Peari, a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCA) postdoctoral fellow at Osgoode Hall Law School, has been awarded a SSHRC Connection Grant to support a symposium titled, “CJPTA: A Decade of Progress”, which will take place in October 2016 at Osgoode Hall Law School.

The symposium will bring together the leading Canadian academics, policy makers, jurists, judges and practitioners in the field of Private International Law (PIL). “The event aims to provide leadership for the law in Canada and to promote such values as efficiency, accessibility to judicial systems and predictability of international and inter-provincial interactions,” said Peari.

“PIL deals with one of the most contemporary and pressing, interesting, cross-societal and dynamic phenomena — the case of international and inter-provincial interactions,” he said. “In an era of the frequent mobility of people and goods, technological progress, innovation, and complex webs of commercial activity, the practical significance of PIL is paramount.”

The SSHRC Connection grant program supports events and outreach activities such as conferences, workshops and summer institutes, and fosters knowledge mobilization and knowledge exchange.

“I couldn’t be happier for Sagi,” said Barbara Crow, dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. “This is a wonderful example of the incredibly significant contributions York’s postdocs make to York’s research community across our faculties and disciplines.”

Peari, who raised $10,000 to bolster the $8,000 SSHRC contribution, is organizing the symposium along with his supervisor, Professor Janet Walker. The event will bring together a diverse group of participants to examine the Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act, an act introduced in 2006 to clarify and advance the law of judicial jurisdiction, or the law that governs how a court of law’s authority is applied to geographical areas.

Scheduled to happen on the occasion of the tenth year after the act was introduced, the symposium’s participants will make an in-depth evaluation of how the CJPTA has had an impact on society across Canada’s regions and how it has affected cross-border dealings. The event will be attended by leading Canadian scholars, as well as by judges and other prominent legal practitioners.

The symposium will be held in collaboration and partnership with the Jay & Barbara Hennick Centre for Business & Law.