York U biology professor awarded prestigious research medal

Carol Bucking
Carol Bucking

York University biology Professor Carol Bucking has been awarded the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) President’s Medal for her research and developments in animal biology and physiology. The prestigious medal is awarded annually to young, independent scientists for outstanding research and accomplishments in one of four categories: animal, cell, plant, and SEB + education.

“It is a privilege to win the President’s Medal from the Society for Experimental Biology,” said Bucking. “The society is truly influential and respected, and to be recognized by them is an honour. I know the competition was tough, and my fellow nominees were very deserving. I am thankful for my mentors, advisers and nominators for supporting and encouraging me.”

Bucking focuses on the role of digestion in species and how it shapes the physiology of a whole organism. Specifically, her research includes looking at the effects of digestion on fish species by examining factors such as levels of compensations that occur with different feeding strategies. She also examines changes in homeostasis during digestion in relation to fluctuations in temperature and salinity in the external aquatic environment. Currently, Bucking is examining native Ontario species and the impact of urbanization on fish with different dietary niches. 

Developments in this area will help define the effects of environmental stressors, such as pollution and climate change, on fish species and how they adapt and survive to these stressors, which will potentially lead to the formation of stronger policies surrounding conservation and preservation of these animals.

The award will be presented during the Annual Main Meeting of the SEB taking place in Brighton, U.K., from July 4 to 7. The meeting features presentations from renowned biologists, with more than 800 national and international delegates in attendance.

“I’m delighted for Carol,” said Ray Jayawardhana, dean of the Faculty of Science. “It’s great to see her scientific accomplishments being recognized on the international stage.”

For more information about the award, visit bit.ly/1lzEqkg.