Professor Deborah McGregor to speak about Anishinaabe views of environmental justice at MYPAC Speaker Series event

A presentation exploring concepts of environmental justice from an Anishinaabe knowledge perspective will take place on Jan. 7 from 12:30 to 2:30pm in 140 Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies Building (HNES).

mypac speaker seriesThe event, “Anishinaabe Knowledge Systems: Environmental Justice and Zaagidowin,” is part of the MYPAC (MES York Planning Alumni Committee) Speaker Series. MYPAC is affiliated with the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES).

Guest speaker Deborah McGregor, a professor in both FES and Osgoode Hall Law School, will discuss ideas relating to Anishinaabe views of environmental justice, which consider relationships not only among people, but among all living things.

Anishinaabe philosophies, principles and values will be described as the foundation of the ethical conduct required to ensure appropriate relationships with all of creation (and thus a just world).

Deborah McGregor
Deborah McGregor

McGregor’s research focuses on indigenous knowledge systems and their various applications in diverse contexts, including water and environmental governance, environmental justice, forest policy and management, and sustainable development.

Her research has been published in a variety of national and international journals, and she has delivered numerous public and academic presentations relating to indigenous knowledge systems, governance and sustainability.

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