The 2014 Statistical Employment Equity Report for York University is now posted


The 2014 Statistical Employment Equity Report for York University is now posted.

The report highlights a statistical summary of the representation of the four designated employment equity groups: women, visible minorities (racialized persons), aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities.

The report shows that University-wide, on an aggregated basis, trends for the past three years demonstrate visible minorities (racialized persons) are highly represented at the Employment Equity Occupational Group (EEOG) level middle and other managers, professionals, semi-professionals and technicians and supervisors, and craft and trades positions at York. At the same time, when the Academic and Non-Academic groups are split apart, visible minorities in the non-academic employee cohort show significant gaps in various EEOG areas. Appendix D of the 2014 Employment Equity Report outlines where under-representation exists. Significant gaps will be explored to determine if there are barriers to attracting and retaining the best diverse talent. Internal representation figures are determined by aggregating the individual results of the Self-Identification Survey.

The University continues to explore ways to strengthen inclusivity and diversity. If you haven’t yet completed this survey, or your responses have changed (for example, a disability has emerged since you last filled out the survey), you are encouraged to take one minute to complete this survey at this time.

Visit York’s Employment Equity website to learn more about employment equity at York.

Questions relating to employment equity or this report can be directed to:

  • Annette Boodram, diversity and inclusion consultant, at or ext. 20848;
  • Donna Smith, interim assistant vice-president, human resources, at; or
  • Barry Miller, executive director, faculty relations, at or ext. 44534 (for inquiries related to academic employees).