Cafe Mathematique explores the math of epidemics

Learn how mathematics can lead to great discoveries regarding epidemics such as Influenza, West Nile Virus and Ebola with the national Centre for Disease Modelling’s Café Mathématique event on Nov. 26. Café Mathématique will be held at The Fields Institute in Toronto from 6:30pm to 8pm.

Café Mathématique is an informal workshop designed to explore the applications of mathematics in different and unexpected areas.

Jane Heffernan
Jane Heffernan

This workshop will feature experts in the field of mathematics including York University’s mathematics Professors Jane Heffernan and Jianhong Wu from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Science. Heffernan, a York Research Chair, the director of York’s Centre for Disease Modelling (CDM) and on the Board of Directors on the Society of Mathematical Biology, will be a moderator during the event; while Wu, a Canada Research Chair in in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, director of the York Institute for Health Research, and former director of CDM, will be a panelist.

Other panelists include:

  • Julien Arino, associate professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Manitoba; and Modeller, BlueDot
  • Troy Day, Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Biology Departments of Mathematics & Statistics; and Biology, Queen’s University
  • Amy Greer, Canada Research Chair in Population Disease Modelling Department of Population Medicine, University of Guelph

The Café will open with a short presentation about the Centre for Disease Modelling and the panelists.  There will be plenty of time for audience questions and discussion.

Jianhong Wu
Jianhong Wu

The event has been organized through a collaboration between Cathy Bogaart (ORION), Jane Heffernan (York), Siv Sivaloganathan (University of Waterloo) and Robert Smith? (University of Ottawa).

Café Mathématique will be held at The Fields Institute in Toronto from 6:30pm to 8pm. Although this event is free, registration is required at

Refreshments will be provided.

For full details of the workshop, visit the Café website.