YUFA sponsor federal elections debate at York U

ballot box
ballot box

The federal election debate is coming to York.

On Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 12:30pm, candidates in the Humber River – Black Creek riding, in which York University is located, will gather in HNE B17 for a forum sponsored by the York University Faculty Association (YUFA). They have been asked to address issues affecting universities, especially federal science policy.

This debate is open to all staff, students, and faculty to raise any issues that concern them.

Over the past month, YUFA has been encouraging its members to ask all the contending parties in the election to address some important questions about the actions of the last federal government, including:

  • Reducing funding to the major granting agencies and tying new funds to research in support of private-sector projects;
  • Cutting support for or abolishing a host of research-oriented institutions, including Statistics Canada, Libraries and Archives Canada, and departmental libraries;
  • Muzzling government scientists;
  • Avoiding evidence-based decision-making in favour of ideological commitment;
  • Introducing sweeping legislation to combat ill-defined “terrorism” that could be used against critical voices within universities (Bill C-51); and,
  • Bringing in legislation to tie up unions in complex public reporting processes not required from any other comparable non-governmental bodies.

Faculty members have been urged to ask candidates: “Will you and your party…

  • restore open and transparent communication between government scientists and the public?
  • re-establish the long-form census?
  • appoint a science adviser who reports directly to Parliament?
  • provide sufficient funding for research that ensures the health and safety of Canadians and the environment?
  • rebuild government libraries and archives and restore public access?

For further information, contact cheron@yorku.ca.