Documentary on art of modern politics to screen on campus

Guylaine Maroist (Image:
Guylaine Maroist (Image:

Punching for Power_York (2)A documentary film that puts the lens on the art of politics in the 21st century will screen at York University’s Price Family Cinema on Oct. 14 at 6pm.

Punching for Power: Politics as Showmanship is a free event hosted by the Department of Political Science that features a showing of the film God Save Justin Trudeau: The Movie with a discussion to follow.

The film, which is a four-time Gemini Award nominee, explores the improbable “boxing match” between the ambitious Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and the young Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau. The film provides an intimate portrait of a young politician and a prime example of politics as a spectacle.

A metaphor for the ongoing political struggle between the Liberals and Conservatives since the founding of Canada, the documentary aims to draw parallels between boxing and politics.

It investigates important questions about what it takes to win in the “game” of politics, and what that victory means to the public.

The film is a timely reminder that Canadian democracy is ripe for a major reset, and it looks at how spectacle and showmanship are increasingly dominating the political sphere in the 21st century.

Guylaine Maroist (Image:
Guylaine Maroist (image:

Following the screening, the film’s producer Guylaine Maroist, along with York University experts on politics and media, will interact with the audience to explore the themes and questions raised.

The film’s authors have directed and produced numerous documentaries on social, political and cultural issues, and they won the 2013 Gemeaux (Gemini) Award for Best Documentary for Disunited States of Canada. In 2011, they were recipients of the Governor General’s History Award, also known as the Pierre Berton Award; and in 2008, they won the Gold Ribbon Award for Time Bombs, honouring the best documentary on Canadian television.