Important notice: Nominations for Senate’s nominee to Presidential Search Committee due Oct. 9

Vari Hall at night
Vari Hall at night

This is a formal call for expressions of interest and suggestions for eligible members of the University community for service as one of Senate’s nominees to the Presidential Search Committee. Please read the following carefully.

The search for the next President of York University is set to begin and will culminate in the appointment of a new President by the Board of Governors. Senate has two key roles in the search:

  • Nominating five (5) faculty members and two (2) students (one undergraduate and one graduate / professional) to serve on the search committee through a process leading to a ballot of Senators in late October and submission of nominees to the Board of Governors; and,
  • providing input on the criteria that will inform the search.

The nominations process will be governed by normal Senate procedures for nominations and elections in which Senate Executive will play its customary role of preparing a slate of nominees for confirmation by Senate itself. Only Senators will vote.

Faculty Member Nominees

Faculty member candidates for membership will be grouped as follows:

  • Two (2) nominees from a group comprising Glendon and Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • One (1) nominee from a group comprising Science and Health
  • One (1) nominee from a group comprising Lassonde, Osgoode and Schulich
  • One (1)1 nominee from a group comprising Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Education, Environmental Studies and Librarians

In the case of cross-appointed faculty members, candidates will be slotted according to the home Faculty on file. To be eligible for nomination, individuals must be full-time faculty members who are available to serve throughout a process expected to be completed in 2017.

Student Nominees

Student nominees will be grouped as follows:

  • One (1) nominee from among undergraduate students
  • One (1) nominee from among graduate and professional students (graduate and JD programs)

To be eligible for nomination, individuals must be registered students who are in good standing at the University at the time of nomination and throughout a process expected to be completed in 2017. Student Senators will present recommendations to Senate Executive for approval following an e-mail canvass of all registered students.

Attributes of Prospective Nominees

Senate Executive will construct a slate of candidates that reflects the University’s diversity. This mix of nominees will include individuals who have long and deep experience at York and others whose careers are in early stages. All candidates should possess the following attributes:

  • extensive knowledge of, and affection for, York,
  • earned trust and respect,
  • a capacity and willingness to act as members of the community rather than “representatives” of constituencies,
  • no conflicting obligations that might compromise their ability to provide independent judgment or to serve,
  • and an understanding and acceptance that membership entails a significant commitment of time over a sustained period.

It is an absolute and unalterable requirement that members of the search committee keep all documents and deliberations in the strictest confidence.

Forms for Expressing Interest or Suggesting Individuals

Forms have been created to express personal interest or suggest another individual. Senate Executive will maintain any and all information provided in the strictest confidence. In addition to basic personal information, all nominees or nominators will have an opportunity to provide a brief statement of how prospective candidates fulfill the attributes set out above. The forms are accessible online.

Time Lines

  • September 25: Call issued
  • October 9:  Final day to submit expressions of interest / suggestions (12:00 noon)
  • October 13:  Student caucus recommends student candidates to Senate Executive Senate Executive finalizes a slate of faculty member and student candidates
  • October 22: Senate approves a slate of nominees
  • October 23 to  October 30: E-vote balloting by Senators

Documents related to the Presidential searches can be accessed from the University Secretariat website.