Faculty of Science hosts new lecture series on science and science fiction

Poster for lecture series

Poster for lecture seriesEver wonder if it is possible for robots to take over the world, or if vampires really exist? What about antimatter and human cloning? If your mind is swirling with these questions, then join The Faculty of Science in another innovative lecture series, The Science of Science Fiction!

Building on the successful Neuroscience and Dispatches from the Frontiers of Science series this fall York University scientists will explore the real science behind a lot of great science fiction and the ways in which scientists and authors inspire one another as they push the outer limits!

In partnership with the Toronto Public Library, the Science of Science Fiction series talks will take place on various dates and branches across Toronto.

Talks will be given by Professors:
• Juris Steprāns – A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem
• Michael Jenkin – I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords
• Wendy Taylor – Antimatter Isn’t Just Science Fiction!
• Carol Bucking – What it Takes (Biologically) to Suck-ceed as a Vampire
• Sean Tulin – The Dark Side of the Force
• Michael Sheid – The Science and Fiction of Human Cloning

Visit The Science of Science Fiction website for full schedule and details.