Mature students channel their inner GRIT during a transition day Sept. 12

Mature students starting classes this fall at York University will be channeling their inner GRIT during the Mature Student Transition Day Sept. 12 organized by the Atkinson Centre for Mature & Part-time Students (ACMAPS). The transition day will run from 9:30am to 12pm in Vari Hall – A, Keele campus.

Brian Poser
Brian Poser

The orientation-style event is designed to help students coming to University for the first time or returning after a number of years away, to significantly ease their transition to York and dramatically increase their chances of success, says Brian Poser, ACMAPS director.

In designing the day, Poser worked with York Professor Diane Woody, associate dean, teaching & learning in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, to come up with the GRIT concept, which stands for characteristics exhibited by successful mature students:

  • G: Growth mindset
  • R: Resilience
  • I: Intuition and intentionality
  • T: Tenacity

The day begins with a TED talk styled session, followed by a breakout session and a networking event.

“We asked four different mature students to tell their stories and talk about the concept of GRIT,” says Poser. “The talks will be positioned like the popular TED talks and will last about 30 minutes each.”

Following the talks, there will be a group discussion focusing on GRIT. Students will choose a concept of GRIT they wish to explore further during a breakout session. After the session, participants will receive a card marked with one letter from GRIT. They will have to locate other students with the same card and form GRIT groups. This, says Poser, is designed to be a fun activity. They will then have an opportunity to network and if they wish, participate in Homecoming events, including the York Lions Football Game on Saturday afternoon at the York Stadium.

As part of the transition day, students will also learn about the Mature Student First-Year Experience Program, a free three-month program designed to support mature students’ transition to university. They’ll hear about the various learning supports offered by the University and ACMAPS staff will also be on hand to answer general questions and share information about ACMAPS’ various services, including peer mentoring and advising.

ACMAPS, which opened in 2007, was established to provide a pan-University physical and philosophical home for mature and part-time students. The mandate of the centre includes raising awareness of issues that affect mature and part-time students across the University, leading and facilitating initiatives responding to the needs of these students, and advocating on their behalf.

For more information or to register for the event, visit the ACMAPS website.