VP Finance & Administration outlines how safety information is conveyed to the community

Vari Hall as seen during the early evening

Gary Brewer, vice-president Finance & Administration, has issued the following message to the York University community:

York University is a community of nearly 60,000 people – the size of a small city. Our campuses are open and public, and part of the Greater Toronto Area community. This means that our campuses must be places where academic freedom and inquiry can thrive – a place where all people feel safe to live, learn, teach and work.

York takes pride in the efforts it has undertaken over the last several years, and continues to make, to foster a culture of safety on its campuses. A cornerstone of our efforts has been a commitment to transparent and effective communication with respect to safety-related incidents that occur on campus.

When a serious safety incident occurs and if there is an ongoing risk to the community, the University issues a Security Bulletin. All bulletins that are issued are emailed directly to your York University email account. This is to allow individuals and groups to exercise appropriate precautions to protect personal safety and property.

The following communication tools are used to share safety-related incident information to our community:

The University’s safety website also provides a number of support services and resources available to York U community members.

Building a safer community is an ongoing practice and a shared responsibility. York University continuously strives to update its practices and infrastructure to better respond to current safety and security concerns. We welcome your feedback at safety@yorku.ca.