Windows 10: Wait before updating University computers

green keyboard
green keyboard

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 to the general public as a free optional update on July 29. Many users have already been prompted by their system, indicating they can sign up to receive the update when it is available.

University Information Technology (UIT) is recommending that staff and faculty do not update their University-provided computers to Windows 10 when it is initially available. UIT has been testing the beta version of Windows 10 and will begin testing with the production version after July 29.

If you do upgrade or purchase a Windows 10 based system, be aware that all services, applications and attached devices used at York University may not be Windows 10 compatible and you may have to downgrade to a previous version of the operating system.

When Microsoft releases Windows 10 into production, the UIT Supported Software webpage will be updated with additional information.

If you have further questions, contact your local IT Support group.