AirYorkPLUS soon to be the only Wi-Fi network visible at York

a computer keyboard

As of Wednesday, Aug. 5, AirYork will no longer be visible to Wi-Fi devices at any York University location. This means that when York U community members enable Wi-Fi on their mobile device, tablet, laptop or workstation, AirYork will not appear as a network that can be connected to for wireless network service.

Instead, York U community members are asked to use AirYorkPLUS, as it will provide a stronger signal, better performance, improved security and more convenient, one-time login. For instructions on how to configure devices to use AirYorkPLUS, click the following URL:

This change has previously been implemented throughout the Glendon campus and in some areas of the Keele campus. Those already using AirYorkPLUS will not be affected.