Regenesis joins organizations from across Canada to work towards a healthy and equitable food system

regenesis logoIt is a good food and news story.

Regenesis at York, a student association focused on sustainability, has joined forces with Community Food Centres Canada’s Good Food Organization Program, to work towards a healthy and equitable food system.

Some 73 organizations and numerous community food centres are part of the program, which offers tools, training, networking and additional learning opportunities through its annual food summit

This important initiative connects Regenesis at York to a wider network that is focused on tackling and solving problems associated with hunger, including poor health, inequality and poverty.

The move is congruent with Regenesis at York’s core mandate that focuses on empowering students to become the leaders in changing society’s most pressing social and environmental concerns through advocacy, programming, research and the provision of services. Regenesis was founded in 2007 by York University students. It was most recently recognized with a 2015 President’s Sustainability Leadership Award.

“Regenesis is excited to become a Good Food Organization,” says Michael Kenny, Regenesis executive director. “We look forward to coming together to sharing ideas, experiences and best practices about achieving food sovereignty and justice in our communities and society.”

Visit the Community Food Centres Canada website for more information on this initiative.