York chemistry prof named influencer by journal

Demian Ifa in the lab
Demian Ifa for YFile homepage
Professor Demian Ifa in his lab at York University
Professor Demian Ifa in his lab at York University

York chemistry Professor Demian Ifa has been named one of the leading new researchers in the area of mass spectrometry in the most recent issue of the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.

Ifa, who joined York University in 2011, was cited by the journal for his role in developing and applying mass spectrometry to bioanalysis. His research explores how to use mass spectrometry imaging to map different aspects of how chemicals appear and interact in biological tissues and validation of biomarkers in the diagnosis of disease.

Mass spectrometry is a technique used in analytical chemistry that can assist in identifying chemicals and their amounts within a specified sample. It measures the mass-to-change ratio, along with the number of gas phase ions.

Ifa’s work and the techniques he has developed contribute to the use of mass spectrometry in medicine, specifically in the area of disease detection in tissue analysis. Applications include mapping the distribution of chemicals found in a fingerprint – which can allow for creation of an ion image and assist in the identification of the fingerprint owner – or applied to fingerprint identification in crime scene investigations. Within the area of forensics, Ifa’s techniques can assist with the identification of explosives, illicit drugs, biometrics in thumb scans and more.