York University offers a network of supports to help students succeed

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StudentsPresMessageSafety-VA pan-University network of academic services and supports is helping York U students get back to class following the labour disruption.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to student success, the Division of Students has developed the Wellness Support Plan website that provides a valuable and enduring resource for students. The website offers a comprehensive guide to the University’s supports and services for students, ranging from academic study skills to tutoring, counselling and emergency services. The site is focused on fostering student success and helping students get ready for their final exams.

In addition, the supports and services offered by the Division of Students have been adapted to allow for increasingly flexible and responsive support to students who may be experiencing challenges and difficulties during the remainder of the Winter 2015 term (including the remediation period following the resolution of the labour disruption, and into the Summer 2015 session).

The Wellness Support Plan website provides information and links to personal counselling and learning skills services, group information and support sessions, crisis and emergency resources, referrals and accommodations for students with disabilities. Also included are concise explanations about assignment extensions and exam deferrals, along with resources for career support for the general student population.

In addition to the Wellness Support Plan website, the University’s Faculty websites offer information about Faculty-specific academic supports:

The School of Arts, Performance, Media & Design: ampd.yorku.ca/for-students/current-students

Faculty of Education: edu.yorku.ca/academic-programs/bachelor-of-education/academic-support

Faculty of Environmental Studies: fes.yorku.ca/resources/students

Glendon College: glendon.yorku.ca/current-students/category/academics

Faculty of Graduate Studies: gradstudies.yorku.ca/current-students/enhancing-your-experience/graduate-professional-skills

Faculty of Health: health.info.yorku.ca/student-success-programs

Lassonde School of Engineering: lassonde.yorku.ca/welcome-support-centre

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies: yorku.ca/laps/students

Osgoode Hall Law School: osgoode.yorku.ca/resources-and-services/student-success-wellness-counselling

Schulich School of Business: schulich.yorku.ca/client/schulich/Schulich_LP4W_LND_WebStation.nsf/page/SSIR+Student+Services?OpenDocument

Faculty of Science: science.yorku.ca/current-students/support-services

The Division of Students’ supports and services outlined on the Wellness Support Plan website are available and accessible to all students at York University who may be experiencing difficulties, whether related or unrelated to the recent labour disruption.