Nominations sought for non-academic employees to Board of Governors

board of governors
board of governors

Notice is hereby given that an election will be held to nominate a full-time, non-academic employee to a position on the Board of Governors. The term of office is two years, beginning on July 1. The election will be conducted by mailed ballot, distributed to all full-time, non-academic employees at their University workplace addresses.

Nominations are invited of full-time, non-academic employees who have a record of at least five years of service at the University.

Nominations opened 9am on Monday, April 6, and will close at 12pm on Monday, April 20, by which time all nominations must be received at the University Secretariat, at 1050 Kaneff Tower, Keele campus.

For nomination forms and further information about the board and the staff nominations process, go to the University Secretariat’s Board of Governors nominations information web page.