Steam and hot water interruption March 12

Shower head

To accommodate necessary repairs to the campus steam system, there will be a two-hour steam and hot water shutdown on Thursday, March 12, from 10am to 12pm, in the following buildings:

  • Behavioural Science Building
  • Central Square
  • Curtis Lecture Halls
  • Ross Building
  • Scott Library
  • Stedman Lecture Halls
  • Student Centre
  • Vari Hall
  • York Lanes
  • Accolade West Building
  • Bennett Centre for Student Services
  • Burton Auditorium
  • Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts
  • Centre for Film & Theatre
  • Executive Learning Centre
  • Schulich School of Business
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • 320-380 Assiniboine Road
  • Atkinson Building
  • Atkinson Residence
  • Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies
  • Ignat Kaneff Building
  • Pond Road Residence
  • Passy Garden Apartments

Buildings that have domestic hot water tanks should retain some residual heat. The following buildings, which have flash units, will not have any domestic hot water during the shutdown:

  • Pond Road Residence
  • Passy Garden Apartments
  • 340 Assiniboine Road
  • Atkinson Residence

Note: Sterilization equipment will have no steam supply during the shutdown. Domestic cold water will not be impacted. This time has been selected to ensure minimum inconvenience to the York community.

Questions and building-specific issues can be directed to: your maintenance zone supervisor; Shawn Payne, assistant chief engineer, at ext. 55623 or; or John Vasiliou, chief engineer, at ext. 55437 or For concerns during the outage, contact Security at ext. 33333.