Call for nominations: Honorific Professorships

students gathered for convocation

The Senate of York University is now accepting nominations for University Professorships.  There is no call for nominations for Distinguished Research Professorships this year as we are at the maximum number of 25 active Distinguished Research Professors.

University Professorships are conferred upon long-serving tenured faculty members who have made extraordinary contributions to the University as colleagues, teachers and scholars. Such achievement fulfills the following requirements:

  • significant long-term contribution to the development or growth of the University or of its parts;
  • significant participation in the collegium through mentorship, service and/or governance;
  • sustained impact over time on the University’s teaching mission;
  • recognition as a scholar.

Nominations may be made by all tenured faculty members, who shall provide a complete nomination file, including the nominee’s CV, a detailed letter of nomination explaining how the candidate’s achievements conform to the general criteria, along with three (3) letters of support from those in a position to comment on the nominee’s achievements and contributions.

The Senate Policy on Honorific Professorships is available on the Senate website. Nominations for University Professorships should be submitted to the University Secretariat by Friday, March 6.