Talk on South Sudan focuses on responding to critical challenges

South Sudan Poster

South Sudan PosterSince becoming an independent country in 2011 South Sudan has been rocked by a brutal civil war, environmental catastrophe and economic instability. This has resulted in a significant refugee crisis with security, public health and human rights implications.

Danny Glenwright of Journalists for Human Rights and Joseph Madak Wuol of the South Sudanese Community Peace Building Taskforce are two of the speakers who will discuss South Sudan Three Years On – Current Challenges and Opportunities as part of the UofMosaic Talks Peace – In the Aftermath of War Discussion Series.

The talk will take place Feb. 24, from 5 to 7pm, at 305L York Lanes, Keele campus. RSVP to

This session will focus on various efforts to respond to these challenges, including an innovation Canadian program to train south Sudanese journalists in techniques of human rights reporting, and the various efforts of the South Sudanese diaspora in Canada to advance the cause of peace and development.

The event is sponsored by The Mosaic Institute, York University’s Centre for Human Rights and Journalists for Human Rights.