Schulich prof wins finance journal’s best paper award

Kee-Hong Bae best paper winner
Kee-Hong Bae
Kee-Hong Bae

Schulich School of Business Professor Kee-Hong Bae, the Robert Finlayson Chair in International Finance, along with co-authors Jin-Mo Kim and Yang Ni, has recently been awarded the Best Paper Prize by the International Review of Finance journal.

The prize, worth US$10,000, is for the article “Is Firm-specific Return Variation a Measure of Information Efficiency?” and is for the best article received in 2013. The previous best paper prize was for 2012.

Bae has won several Best Paper awards for his work over the years.

His research interests include emerging financial markets, corporate governance and international finance.

The journal’s editors and associate editors chose the winning paper from the short-listed papers that were published in the journal’s pages.