Innovation York hosts seminar on long-term industry-academic research partners

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InnovationYork-HInnovation York is hosting a seminar, called Fostering Long-term Industry-Academic Collaborative Research Partnerships, on Thursday, Jan. 29, from 9am to 12pm.

The event is open to members of the York community, and will feature topics including:

  • advancing your research agenda;
  • enhancing your product roadmap;
  • accessing government grants; and
  • networking with academic researchers and industrial partners.

“Innovation York’s goal is to provide an integrated suite of services to the York research community in order to facilitate research, realize the commercial, economic and social potential of research outcomes, and to create a culture of industry-engaged scholarship and entrepreneurship,” said Robert Haché, York’s vice-president research and innovation. “This event enables members of the York community to meet with industrial partners and learn more about developing a long-term collaborative research roadmap.”

Guest speakers include: York chemistry Professor Gerald Audette of the Faculty of Science and representatives from the Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada, Ontario Centres of Excellence, MITACS Canada and the National Research Council of Canada.

The event takes place in Room 519, Kaneff Tower. Organizers request that those interested in attending RSVP by Jan. 28.