York prof co-edits and contributes to book exploring gender, place and emotion in music

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Louise Wrazen
Louise Wrazen

Louise Wrazen, associate professor of music at York University, is the co-editor and contributor to Performing Gender, Place, and Emotion in Music. She co-edited the book along with Fiona Magowan, professor of anthropology at Queen’s University.

Performing Gender, Place, and Emotion in Music is the first book-length study to examine gender, place and emotion from a cross-cultural perspective and the interweaving of these aspects during performance. While ethnomusicologists and anthropologists have long recognized the connections between gender, place, and emotion cover of the bookin musical performance, these aspects of performance have rarely been analyzed together.

Wrazen, Magowan and seven other contributors draw upon new ethnographic field studies and question how aesthetic, emotional and imagined relations between performers of emotion gendered across quotidian, ritual and staged events. This process is examined across different regions around the globe in three parts.

The first part looks at attitudes in Australia, treating Vietnamese spirit possession, Balinese dance, and land rights in Aboriginal performance. Part two addresses memories of Aboriginal choral singing, belonging in Bavarian music-making, and gender-performativity in Polish song. While the final part evaluates emotion and fandom around a Korean singer in Japan, and Sami interconnectivities in traditional and modern musical practices.

Wrazen is an active member of various Canadian and international associations, including the Society for Ethnomusicology, International Council for Traditional Music and Canadian Society for Traditional Music.