CERIS to launch five reports on immigration

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The Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS) presents “New Directions in Migration Research: Launch of the CERIS Research Synthesis Reports,” taking place on Jan. 23, 9am to 12pm in Room 519, Kaneff Tower.

CERIS will release a series of research synthesis reports on migration and settlement in Canada. The reports provide a comprehensive look at existing research, policy, and practice in Canada, focusing on five core areas: Settlement and Integration, Foreign Credential Recognition, Citizenship, Multiculturalism, and Refugees. Key themes from the syntheses and recommendations for future research will be discussed at the launch.

Presenters at this event include York University geography Professor Philip Kelly who will discuss settlement and integration; and York geography and social science Professor Jennifer Hyndman who will lead the discussion on refugees. Key themes from the syntheses and recommendations for future research will also be introduced.

Funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the reports provide a comprehensive look at existing research, policy and practice in Canada; focusing on the five core areas: settlement and integration, foreign credential recognition, citizenship, multiculturalism, and refugees.

Other presenters include: University of Toronto sociology Professor Anna Korteweg, Ryerson University politics professor John Shields, University of Ottawa sociology Professor Elke Winter, and University of Toronto Doctoral Student Jennifer Elrick.

CERIS is Ontario’s leading network of researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the field of migration and settlement. It serves as the knowledge exchange hub for all three communities and in the interest of all migrants and the general public.

For more information or to RSVP for this event, visit the CERIS website.