Electrical service interruption Jan. 20

Keele Campus Sign

To accommodate Toronto hydro electrical grid reliability improvements, the following buildings will experience a three-minute power interruption on Tuesday, Jan. 20, between 6 and 6:15am:

  • Founders College
  • Founders Residence
  • Winters College
  • Winters Residence
  • Stong College
  • Stong Kitchen
  • Stong Residence
  • Bethune College
  • Bethune Residence
  • Calumet College
  • Calumet Residence
  • Kinsmen Building
  • Computer Methods
  • Tait McKenzie
  • McLaughlin College
  • Tatham Hall Residence
  • Physical Resource Building
  • YUDC

During this interruption, campus steam will be delivered at a reduced capacity.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Shawn Payne, assistant chief engineer, at ext. 55623, or Gary Gazo, medium voltage distribution engineer, at ext. 20949. For any concerns during the interruption, contact Security at ext. 33333.