Poetry, fiction, academic, cookbooks and more at annual Vanier College book sale

A photo of old books

Browse through an enormous selection of new and used books during Vanier College’s 11th annual book sale, running throughout the week from Jan. 19 to 23. Hours are Monday to Thursday, 9:30am to 6pm, and Friday from 9:30am to noon.

Vanier College book sale posterThe Renaissance Room, 001 Vanier College will carry various titles, including mysteries, best-selling fiction, self-help, poetry, cookbooks and art theatre, as well as reference research and linguistic language books.

Academic-related books, such as textbooks and scholarly subject matter, will be available in the Assembly Hall, 152 Founders College.

Vanier’s office staff and volunteers have collected new and used books throughout the year to be sold at exceptionally discounted prices. For most books, the price ranges from $1 to $2 during the book sale. All money raised throughout the sale will go towards funds to support students.

Take advantage of the large selection of books by visiting the book categories web page which lists what categories are available in each room.

Vanier College is also seeking volunteers for book sale preparation and sales. If you can help, fill out the book sale schedule form.

For more information, visit the Vanier College website or contact the Office of the Master, Vanier College at ext. 55192 or vanier@yorku.ca.