Enrol work-study students for diversity and inclusion training

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Register your team of work-study students for diversity and inclusion professional development training at York’s Centre for Human Rights.

The training will take place Feb. 4, from 10am to noon. Refreshments will be served.

The goal of the workshop is to increase professional competencies in the area of diversity and inclusion as York employees and to support and maintain respectful workplace cultures at York.

Participants will:

  • have an understanding of the Ontario Human Rights Code (1962) and its implications for building a respectful workplace culture;
  • discuss key human rights terms and definitions and apply this information in potential workplace case scenarios; and
  • share best practices and strategies for providing inclusive and equitable services.

To register your team of work-study students, e-mail jglean@yorku.ca and indicate the following:

  • Name of participants; and
  • Department/office.

The Centre for Human Rights looks forward to increasing respect, equity, diversity and inclusion with you.