York Lanes hallway closed temporarily

Illustrated drawing of York Lanes

What will be closed?

To complete upgrades to the northeast entrance of York Lanes, the hallway between Second Cup and the Bookstore will be closed from Dec. 8 to Jan. 5. The renovations include a new ceiling, paint, tiling and an upgraded grate/debris collection system that will keep snow, water and dirt out of York Lanes, improving its overall cleanliness.

How will this impact the York community?

Pedestrians who normally access this hallway will be required to use alternate routes, namely the northwest entrance by La Prep and Thai Express or the southeast entrance from the Commons colonnade around the Archives of Ontario/Kaneff Tower. See map below.

Map of York Lanes

The hallway upgrade is part of a series of renovations that York Lanes will perform over the next few years. The renovations will include a new floor, lighting fixtures and seating in common areas, as portrayed in the architect’s rendering below.

Drawing of York Lanes

Signage will be posted to direct pedestrian traffic around the closure site. For any additional information, contact Jim Baliotis, York Lanes operations manager at ext. 55462.