Auditor general blasts Liberals’ public-private funding and ‘high-risk’ MaRS loan

In a 595-page annual report to the legislature that blasted a “high-risk” $224-million government loan for the medical and related sciences (MaRS) tower, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk said Infrastructure Ontario’s use of private-public partnerships has cost $8 billion more than traditional public financing…. But Infrastructure Ontario CEO Bert Clark said the “$8 billion number does not tell the whole story” because large-scale publicly funded projects – such as the troubled Union Station renovation and the slow-moving Spadina subway extension to York University – routinely suffer from cost overruns and delays, reported the Toronto Star Dec. 9. Read full story.

Macdonald Collegiate grad Lisa Stathopulos leading OUA women’s hockey scoring at holiday break
Scarborough’s Lisa Stathopulos is having another good start to the season, and, not coincidentally, so is her York University women’s hockey team, reported the Scarborough Mirror Dec. 9. Read full story.