York University launches a new website devoted to teaching and learning

new website for teaching and learningThe passion and commitment of York University’s faculty to excellence in teaching, learning and the student experience are front and centre in a new website launched today.

Developed by the Office of the Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning, the new Teaching and Learning website is a virtual home to “all things teaching”. It features informative videos, news and updates about how York University is pushing the boundaries of teaching through innovative delivery methods and unique learning settings.

“In my role, I am very fortunate to be in contact with many faculty members who are passionate about teaching” comments Sue Vail, associate vice-president teaching and learning. “With the support of these colleagues, we have undertaken a number of initiatives to raise the profile of teaching and learning at York.  The embedding of teaching and learning information on the York University home page signals our commitment to providing high quality student learning environments.”

The website offers a rich array of information about key initiatives in teaching and learning, such as initiatives that advance technology enhanced learning and experiential education. It also profiles the University’s award-winning faculty. Visitors to the site can learn more about how York University’s students have the opportunity to connect course material with experiences in the community. The website offers information about the University’s internship and placement opportunities, which allow students to develop competencies and skills in workplace environments. The website also provides a full overview of how York University is using blended and fully online approaches to make learning more accessible and adaptable to students’ multidimensional lives.

Sue Vail
Sue Vail, associate vice-president teaching & learning

Increasing the information available to prospective students is one of the central goals of the website. Students and their parents will gain important understanding into the University’s commitment to supporting its students through the creation of innovative and caring learning environments that foster student growth and development.

The new Teaching and Learning website is a hub of essential information that has been carefully organized with streamlined access to informative videos, intriguing profiles and regular news. The website was created using York University’s new responsive design format and involves a collaborative effort among faculty and staff in the Office of the Vice-President Teaching and Learning, Communications and Public Affairs, and University Information Technology.