Steam and hot water service interruption Nov. 27 and 28

Water tap

To accommodate necessary repairs to the Keele campus steam system, there will be a four-hour shutdown from 11pm on Thursday, Nov. 27, to 3am on Friday, Nov. 28, affecting the hot water and heating steam supply to the following buildings:

  • Tatham Hall
  • McLaughlin College
  • Vanier College
  • Vanier Residence
  • Winters Residence
  • Winters College
  • Founders Kitchen

Every effort will be made to reduce the outage time.

Buildings that have domestic hot water tanks should retain some residual heat. Tatham Hall, which has flash units, will not have any domestic hot water during the shutdown. Domestic cold water will not be impacted.

Note: Sterilization equipment will have no steam supply during the shutdown.

Questions and concerns can be directed to Shawn Payne, assistant chief engineer, at ext. 55623. For any concerns during the interruption, contact Security at ext. 33333.