‘Jellification’ in Muskoka, Haliburton may affect fish

A research team led by Adam Jeziorski at Queen’s, Norman Yan at York University and Andrew Tanentzap at the University of Cambridge has discovered that a jelly-clad, calcium-poor competitor called Holopedium is increasing in abundance in temperate Canadian lakes, reported the Waterloo Region Record Nov. 19. This “jellification” isn’t just ugly, the scientists say. It also has long-term consequences for fish stocks and could wreak havoc on municipal water supplies. Read full story.

Scientists search for evidence of the multiverse in the Big Bang’s afterglow
Multiverse theories were once relegated to science fiction or crackpot territory, reported Wired Nov. 18. “It sounds like you’ve gone to crazy land,” said Matt Johnson, who holds joint appointments at the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics and York University. But scientists have come up with many versions of what a multiverse might be, some less crazy than others. Read full story.

Panel says fear mongering on campus exaggerated
A Toronto synagogue audience was told there should be ongoing concern about anti-Semitic events at postsecondary institutions – but fear mongering is being exaggerated and “there are no fights on campus or fires in the streets,” reported the Jewish Tribune Nov. 18. Marc Newburgh, executive director of Hillel of Greater Toronto; Marty Lockshin, chair of York University’s Department of Humanities; and Nora Gold, from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, didn’t seem to show grave concern about life on campus. But they did agree that small groups of individuals find ways to accentuate a political agenda. Read full story.

Should city councillors have term limits?
York University Professor Dennis Pilon agrees incumbents hold too much power, but doesn’t believe term limits are the answer. “It’s a bad solution to a real problem,” he said in Metro Nov. 18. “If you want a reform that would genuinely advance Toronto politics, then get rid of the ban on political parties.” Read full story.

Scientists begin analyzing data
On TheLoop.ca Nov. 18, Paul Delaney, a professor of astronomy at York University, explained the plan scientists have to re-establish contact with Philae. Watch full interview.