A look at the challenges in preventing attacks from lone-wolf terrorists

When small cells of people or individuals set out to commit acts of terror, it can be incredibly difficult to track them down, according to York University security expert Martin Shadwick. “If it’s a lone wolf who has self-radicalized, particularly if it’s electronic self-radicalization over the Internet and so on, it’s much tougher for these folks to get onto the radar screen,” explained Shadwick in News1130 Oct. 23. Read full story.

HRTO case questions accommodations for alleged disabilities
Lorne Sossin, dean of Osgoode Hall Law School, says Canadian law schools strive to maintain inclusive communities where all students’ needs are accommodated, reported Canadian Lawyer Oct. 27. However, he says the accommodations must be done in the context of “equity across the entire student body in terms of evaluation, grading and objective measures of performance.” Read full story.

The Canada-Honduras trade agreement: A stain on Canada
On Oct. 1, Canada legally implemented a Free Trade Agreement with Honduras, reported Rabble.ca Oct. 23…. York University economics Professor Ricardo Grinspun, former director of York’s Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean, said that “Honduras is now the country with the most unequal distribution of income in Latin America. Two years after the 2009 coup, 100 per cent of all real income gains went to the wealthiest ten per cent of Hondurans, and the per capita income of the other 90 per cent went down despite economic growth.” Read full story.

‘The Forbidden City’ relives in Vancouver Art Gallery
One of the most anticipated and largest Vancouver exhibitions of the year, The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors unveiled its beauty and mystery at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Oct. 18, reported China Daily Canada Oct. 24…. “This is the third time I’ve seen this exhibit in various forms, and this is my favorite,” said York University Professor Gail Levitt, who is also a loyal member of the museum. “It’s a very accurate rendition, and I love the depth and breadth of it. Some of my favorite pieces are the dog’s coat, jewelry box, icebox, telescopes and the paintings.” Read full story.