Time for true diversity in corporate boardrooms

“Can it really be that in a population the size of Toronto’s there is such a dearth of qualified racialized candidates?” wrote Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Aaron A. Dhir in the Toronto Star Oct. 20. “Expanding the scope of ‘comply-or-explain’ regulation would help us to solve this puzzle while, at the same time, nudging corporate Canada to extend their searches for new directors beyond the usual spheres of comfort.” Read full story.

Let TFSAs invest in annuities
“Allowing life annuities to be bought and held inside a TFSA would add a significant additional method for people to plan their retirement and future finances,” wrote York University Professor Emeritus Morton Zav Abramson in the Toronto Star Oct. 20. “Allowing a life annuity inside a TFSA would mean that periodic payments from the annuity could be withdrawn tax free for the entirety of a person’s life. It would provide another method for funding a pension that you would not outlive.” Read full story.

‘Siding Spring’ skims past Mars
On CTV News Oct. 20, York University astronomy Professor Paul Delaney weighed in on the closest comet near-miss known to astronomers. Watch full interview.

Today in Toronto: Philippe Blanchard, The Vigil, Art Battle, Temples, Tightrope Books October Launch
Toronto artist Philippe Blanchard is showing large-scale psychedelic installations in Lumiere Concrete / Structured Light over at Glendon Gallery at York University – worth the trip, reported BlogTO Oct. 21. Read full story.