Inaugural issue of Journal of Narrative Politics now available

Journal of Narrative Politics

The inaugural issue of the Journal of Narrative Politics was recently launched and is now available on the journal’s website.

Volume 1, Number 1 features articles that touch on a variety of topics, but many from a deeply personal perspective. The first, “The Power of Fish” by Aida A. Hozic, is an intimate story about the importance of belief, the survival of a father from jaundice and later a concentration camp, and his gift to his daughter and wife.

“Biopolitical Departures: A Love Story” by Jennifer Riggan, explores her journey and family history alongside war and strife in Eritrea and the price paid of finally getting her husband to the United States.

The journal’s remit is to explore narrative voice in academic research, writing and pedagogy, and in the diverse expression of non-academic communities and social formations. Normatively committed to human dignity fairness and peace, it aims to imagine futures free from colonial, racial, gendered and economic violences.

The Journal of Narrative Politics strives to forge deep linkages with communities seeking or practicing alternative modes of sociality and governance, and it seeks to challenge the varying tropes of hegemony and oppression in the academy and elsewhere. The journal foregrounds the embeddedness of authors and storytellers in their craft and it aims to publish a diverse range of expressions from this engagement.

It is published by York University and funded primarily through a Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada Connection Grant to political science Professor Elizabeth Dauphinee.

To read the first issue, visit the Journal of Narrative Politics website.