The alarming new research on perfectionism

Real perfectionism can be devastatingly destructive, leading to crippling anxiety or depression, and it may even be an overlooked risk factor for suicide, argues a new paper in Review of General Psychology, a journal of the American Psychological Association…. “Other than those people who have suffered greatly because of their perfectionism or the perfectionism of a loved one, the average person has very little understanding or awareness of how destructive perfectionism can be,” said the study’s lead author, York University psychologist Gordon Flett in Science of Us Sept. 30. Read full story.

Student debt does not equal mental illness
Financial stress can trigger mental illness, but only in those people who are already susceptible, explains Gordon Flett, a York University psychologist and Canada Research Chair in personality and health. People who suffer from anxiety and depression are prone to it because of a negative self-image, which is likely caused by genes, adverse experiences early in life, or a combination of both. Mental illness can be exacerbated by all kinds of things – $30,000 student loans included – but that doesn’t make it a cause, reported Maclean’s Sept. 30. Read full story.

Survey confirms: Toronto residents are less happy with their mayor than other GTA cities
A survey conducted by York University researchers and exclusive to the Star found that 25 per cent of Torontonians, asked where budget cuts should be made if necessary, chose policing. Just 14 per cent of residents in other GTA cities said the same, reported the Toronto Star Oct. 1. Read full story.

Canadian fighter pilots could soon bomb rebels they supported in Libya
As the Conservative government contemplates sending CF-18 fighter jets into Iraq, Canadian pilots may soon be bombing some of the same gunmen their actions supported several years ago elsewhere, reported the Ottawa Citizen Sept. 30…. “Certainly some of the players in ISIL are going to be the same people who fought Gadhafi,” said Martin Shadwick, a defence analyst with York University. “The ability of these forces to move across borders, to fight in each other’s battles, is something that should be looked at more closely in the future.” Read full story.

Bergerons donate millions to engineering school at York University
A record-setting $10-million donation by a York University alumnus was celebrated Monday, Sept. 29, in support of the Lassonde School of Engineering. The $8-million donation by Doug and Sandra Bergeron is on top of the $2 million the couple gave in 2012 to create the Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology program, reported the North York Mirror Sept. 30. Read full story.

No online voting worries here, Markham says
Problems arising in the recent New Brunswick election are no reason for you to be thinking twice about voting online for the upcoming Markham municipal election, city hall is assuring residents…. Extensive testing of Markham’s processes and technology has been completed in preparation for the election, including a third party security audit of the online voting platform, a risk assessment and an academic literature review by York University, reported the Markham Economist & Sun Sept. 30. Read full story.

Jews have been in the native art business since its inception
Recently the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada featured David S. Koffman, professor in the Department of History at York University in Toronto, at the JCC Berney Theatre. Koffman spoke about Immigrant Jews and “Indian Curios,” as part of the centre’s 2014 Switzer Cooperstock Lecture Series to some 50 attendees…. In 2003, Koffman began researching all sorts of encounters between Jews and Native Americans – from traders to literature, Lost Tribes claims and anthropologists – for his PhD dissertation, reported the Jewish Tribune Sept. 30. Read full story.

Kol Nidre with a flamenco twist
A new Flamenco-influenced Kol Nidre, is the latest entry to the legendary prayer’s repertoire. “Todos Los Votos” is available through the Kol Nidre Project. An initiative of journalist/producer Harold Levy, the project aims to inspire musicians to reinterpret Kol Nidre. The first commission was a Sitar version of the prayer by Nicolas Jolliet. This new version was composed by Roger Scannura, a Flamenco guitarist, composer and teacher at Toronto’s York University. His connection to Levy began when he became his guitar teacher, reported the Jewish Tribune Sept. 30. Read full story.

Homelessness is our problem, too
The first affect of homelessness is economic, reported the Winnipeg Free Press Sept. 30. According to York University Professor Stephen Gaetz, the cost of homelessness encompasses shelters and services, and indirect costs such as increased use of the health-care system (paramedics, emergency departments and hospital stays), mental health and addictions treatment and the criminal justice system. Read full story.