Exhibit opens 23rd Festival of Images and Words Shared Spaces

Painting by Daniel Tomasini
Grulla, a painting by Daniel Tomasini
Grulla, a painting by Daniel Tomasini

A new exhibition by Uruguayan visual artist Daniel Tomasini will open the 23rd edition of the Festival of Images and Words Shared Spaces: Ibero-Pan-American Connections Monday at Glendon Gallery.

The exhibit, Into the colourful air, will open Sept. 29 at 6:30pm and run until Oct. 11. Admission is free and the gallery is open to the general public.

Tomasini’s paintings are intended to embody a pure expression of colour aiming to spark the spectators’ emotions. His semi-abstract style, inspired by the natural beauty of his country of origin and by Canadian forests in autumn, involves using a spatula to intuitively apply thick layers of colour.

A painting by Daniel Tomasini
By Daniel Tomasini

The sensation inspired by colour guides him in centering the spectator’s attention on the world of nature. For Tomasini, art is the product of emotion and sensitivity, and comes from the heart. He creates a dialogue to be shared with people all around the world.

His work is presented by Glendon Gallery, the Cultural Celebration of the Spanish Language and ANTARES Publishing House in collaboration the Ibero-American Consular Corps based in Toronto.

Glendon Gallery is at 2275 Bayview Ave., Toronto. For more information, visit the Glendon Gallery website.