An orangutan learns to fish

In 1990, while visiting a research camp in central Borneo, the primatologist Anne Russon, a psychology professor at York University’s Glendon College, saw an orangutan nicknamed Supinah attempt to make fire, reported The New Yorker Sept. 17…. Since then, anthropologist Biruté Galdikas, Russon, and a handful of other orangutan specialists have learned firsthand just how intelligent and resourceful the animals really are. Some of their mental skills may exceed those of their great-ape brethren. Read full story.

Too poor to go to law school? York U now offers income-contingent loans
Starting in fall 2015, five students at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School will attend school tuition-free – temporarily – as part of the school’s income-contingent loan program, reported the Toronto Star Sept. 18…. When students graduate, secure a job and earn an income high enough to allow them to make payments, they then repay the law school. If a well-paying job doesn’t come through, the loans are forgiven. Read full story.

Scottish referendum different than those in Quebec: Siddiqui
Despite the 1999 devolution of powers, Scotland does not have the powers that Quebec enjoys, reported the Toronto Star Sept. 17. “Quebec is the most powerful sub-national state in the West,” with its own pension plan, separate immigration system etc., notes York University political science Professor Jim Laxer…. The vote is not entirely a referendum on nationalism. It is also a rebellion against the “social and economic dysfunctional state” that Britain has become, says Laxer. Read full story.

The classroom comes alive
Schulich School of Business Professor Jean Adams started using e-learning technologies in her introductory business course, including software that allows students to view slides on their tablets or laptops, annotate notes, respond to polls, participate in virtual group assignments, as well as submit screens that can be shared with the rest of the class – all in real-time. “The methodology is very much about learning by doing. It’s completely iterative and very non-linear,” said Adams in the Toronto Star Sept. 18. Read full story.

Fadi Ghandour to help select this year’s Hult Prize winner
The challenge for this year’s competition was “Solving Non-Communicable Disease in the Urban Slum,” reported Wamda Sept. 17. Of more than 10,000 first round applicants, six finalist teams were selected, including Reach from Toronto’s York University, which would distribute glucose urinalysis strips in developing areas to identify diabetics and help them monitor their glucose levels. Read full story.

The province of promise
Urban or rural, broad or specialized, traditional or hands-on – there’s a lot for students to choose from in Ontario, reported the Toronto Star Sept. 18…. For fine arts in a broader sense, you could think about a number of universities, such as York University, which has a strong program. Read full story.