Research talk examines musings of prominent Scottish writer and activist

Naomi Mitchison portrait

A leading figure in the history of sexuality in Britain, Lesley Hall will discuss the musings of prolific Scottish writer and social activist Naomi Mitchison (née Haldane) on Tuesday.

Naomi Mitchison
Naomi Mitchison

Mitchison wrote more than 70 books in her life (1897 to 1999) in a variety of styles and genres.

The research talk will take place Sept. 16, from 2:30 to 4pm, at 2183 Vari Hall, Department of History, Keele campus. It is co-sponsored by York’s Department of History and the graduate program in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies.

Hall – of Wellcome Library, London, and University College London, Centre for the History of Medicine  – will present Send in the Clones? Naomi Mitchison (née Haldane)’s Mitchison’s Musing on Reproduction, Breeding, Feminism, Socialism and Eugenics from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Hall is the author of: Sex, Gender and Social Change in Britain since 1880 (second edition, 2012); Naomi Mitchison (2012); The Life and Times of Stella Browne: Feminist and Free Spirit (2011); Hidden Anxieties: Male Sexuality 1900-1950 (1991); and  many articles and essays. She is the co-author of The Facts of Life: The Creation of Sexual Knowledge in Britain, 1650-1950 (1995).