Online expense reporting system, Concur Expense, now ready to use

Concur Expense logo

Concur Expense, York University’s new online, automated expense reporting system, is now live! Submitting expense claims for employees who travel or incur business expenses is a lot easier with Concur.

What are the benefits of the new system?

  • Automation of the existing manual, paper-based process.
  • Faster and more convenient processing of claims.
  • Electronic routing and approval of claims.
  • Ability to track your claims throughout the approval process.
  • Accessible via the web 24-7, including access from your mobile device.
  • Automated calculation of currency conversions, HST rebates and mileage reporting.
  • Improved compliance with York University and Granting Agency policies.

Invitation to training for faculty and staff

Regular in-lab training courses for Concur Expense will be offered during the summer. The following training courses will be available:

1. Course: Concur Expense: Preparing an Expense Claim (FNCE04)

Who should attend:

  • faculty and staff who prepare their own expense claims; and
  • administrative staff who prepare expense claims on behalf of individuals they support.

Length: 2.5 hours

2. Course: Concur Expense: Reviewing/Approving an Expense Claim (FNCE03)

Who should attend:

  • individuals who review expense claims prior to approval (e.g. faculty research administrators, administrative support staff); and
  • individuals who approve expense reports (e.g. faculty, managers and cost centre signing authorities).

Length: 1 hour

You may view upcoming training dates for these courses by visiting the York Employee Learning Calendar.

If you are unable to attend one of the available training sessions, you may access the online training materials here using your Passport York account.