AAPR July update to the community

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Vice-President Academic & Provost Rhonda Lenton and Vice-President Finance & Administration Gary Brewer have issued the following statement on the Academic & Administrative Program Review:

June 30 saw the close of the Data Collection Phase of York’s Academic and Administrative Program Review. All 412 Program Information Forms (PIFs) were completed and approved on time, which is a tremendous milestone. For the first time in York’s history, we have compiled qualitative and quantitative data on all academic and administrative programs, using a consistent framework, to help us better understand what we do and to help inform our decision making.

Recognition of Achievement

The Data Collection Phase of AAPR would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts and dedication of the many community members involved in drafting, reviewing and supporting the completion of the PIFs. This concerted effort involved Coaches providing training and direction, collaborators and authors working together to develop PIF responses, and approvers providing guidance, direction and support. In addition, the AAPR support team, comprised of staff from OIPA, UIT and PRASE provided 24/7 system, data and general support to authors, approvers, collaborators and staff as they worked through the data collection phase.

We would like to acknowledge what has been accomplished in this phase and to thank all those who contributed to this significant achievement.

Analysis and Assessment Phase

As we move into the assessment phase of AAPR (July 1 to Oct. 31), the two Task Forces will work to review the submitted PIFs. Earlier in June, each Task Force met to review and discuss the scoring rubrics, consider how they would approach the task of reviewing and assessing PIFs, and were briefed on the enrolment, research, financial and complement data that accompanies each PIF.

Both Task Forces have already begun the process of reviewing and assessing PIFs under the leadership of Lisa Philipps (academic task force chair) and Carol Altilia (administrative task force chair). The final reports are due Nov. 1 and will provide an assessment of each program on the two dimensions of quality and financial sustainability. The reports will also provide observations, insights (e.g. best practices, challenges) and recommendations about potential opportunities. The reports, along with all the information gathered through this phase, will inform decision making and planning processes.

Sharing Program Information Forms

As part of our commitment to an open and transparent process, the AAPR Project Team will be making completed PIFs available to the internal York University community through YU Link and the data collection system. Modifications to the system to make it easier to access and navigate are being made, and we expect that the York community will have access to the PIFs by the beginning of August 2014. Details on how to access these PIFs will be communicated later this month.

Please continue to visit the AAPR YU Link site for regular updates, community information, and Program Information Forms (August 2014).


Rhonda and Gary