Mothers of children with developmental disabilities sought for study

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Mothers of children with developmental disabilities (e.g. ASD, autism, PDD-NOS, global developmental delay, Down’s syndrome, FASD, physical disability etc.) are being sought to participate in a Maternal Experience with Developmental Disability study.

The participants should:

  • have a child who is five to 21 years old who was diagnosed at least two years ago with a developmental disability; and
  • be a mother who is a South Asian immigrant or is of Canadian origin.

The goal is to understand the experience of South Asian immigrant and Canadian mothers raising children with developmental disabilities to identify better ways of supporting mothers.

To participate, complete the online questionnaire (30 to 45 minutes):

1. For South Asian immigrant mothers, use the password matexsa to complete the survey.

2. Canadian mothers, use the password matexcan to complete the survey.

You can also participate in a follow-up interview. You will be offered an honorarium of $35 for your time.

For more information, contact Nidhi Luthra at or 416-736-2100 ext. 40266.