Jackpot frost

Ming Dong and Andréanne Tremblay of York University used data from Thomson Reuters’ global equity indices to examine the effect of local weather on the main market index in 49 countries from 1973 to 2012, reported The Economist June 14. They found, as expected, that warm weather sends prices higher – although when it gets too hot, the relationship breaks down. But their most striking finding was that thermometers and investors are not just fair-weather friends: very cold weather is also associated with higher returns. Read full story.

Here comes the echo boomer to save the housing market
James Mckellar, director of the program in real estate and infrastructure at York University, says for the past decade people have been predicting a bursting real estate bubble but it hasn’t materialized because there isn’t enough supply to meet demand and there won’t be any time soon. “They are not building any more existing neighbourhoods,” he said in the Financial Post June 12. “Condo owners are going to look to existing neighbourhoods, that’s pent up demand that is going to come from condos.” Read full story.

Tenure protects academic freedom
“Gwyn highlights a number of problems with university teaching,” wrote Faisal Kutty, adjunct professor at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, in the Toronto Star June 12. “Yes, students are graduating with too much debt. Yes, some professors need to improve their teaching. Yes, academics must step out of their ivory towers and become more engaged with the public. Increasing teaching hours, reducing salaries and abolishing tenure are not solutions. Such moves will only create bigger problems.” Read full story.

Bridge proponents give petition to ministry
A petition for a feasibility study for a bridge from Nanaimo to Gabriola Island, signed by 604 island residents, was accepted by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation this week. . . . Dennis Pilon, a former UVic political science professor now with York University, is an expert on B.C. politics. He said depending on economic and political benefits, the petition could lead to action by government. “If they feel they can get that riding away from the NDP, that might make them more interested,” Pilon said in Nanaimo Daily News June 13. Read full story.

Etobicoke Centre: Baker holds onto riding for Liberals
Yvan Baker was given a strong mandate to fill the shoes of his longtime Liberal predecessor at the provincial polls in Etobicoke Centre Thursday night – capturing 50 per cent of the vote, reported the Etobicoke Guardian June 12. . . . As a business consultant and part-time instructor at York University’s Schulich School of Business, Baker’s campaign for the Liberals was one that promised to help people find jobs – an issue he said he heard about time and time again while out on the campaign trail. Read full story.

Eat brunch, help teens, fight crime
Mississauga’s Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development group hosts its annual fundraising brunch on June 22 to aid teens facing mental health challenges. . . . The brunch will feature a keynote speech by York University Professor Carl James, reported Mississauga News June 12. Read full story.