Obesity rates: Is the Body Mass Index a good measurement?

Jennifer Kuk, a professor at York University’s School of Kinesiology and Health Science, says that people may not be aware that society is becoming more overweight, because as some studies have shown, people’s goal weight has shifted upward over time. “So that means what you think is normal and what you want to weigh has actually also drifted up,” she said in CBC News June 1. Read full story.

The Supermodel and the Brillo Box: Exploring the new art-world economic order
Don Thompson, an economist and professor emeritus of marketing and strategy at York University’s Schulich School of Business, argues persuasively in The Supermodel and the Brillo Box that there are far more compelling reasons to pay attention to Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream than numbers alone, reported The Globe and Mail May 30. Its sale, and Sotheby’s marketing engine that thrust it into the stratosphere, are examples of the new art-world economic order that emerged in the wake of the 2008-2009 financial crash, in which the old maxims about buying art no longer apply and where cash and celebrity trump connoisseurship as the ticket into the cultural establishment. Read full story.

Retiring in Ontario: Addressing the pending pension crisis
Tom Klassen of York University, in an email exchange, praised the Liberals for acting now but said he has reservations about the plan itself, reported the Hamilton Spectator June 1. “We’re not yet in a crisis, but we’re heading toward one,” he wrote. “With pension policy one cannot wait until the crisis happens, as by that time it is too late to take effective action.” Read full story.

Tree demise more complicated
“Ecological changes are complex and long-term processes; we need to look beyond the obvious tree mortality, subtleties not attempted in the article,” wrote York University environmental studies Professor Gail Fraser in the Toronto Star June 1, in response to the May 23 article “What’s killing the Leslie Spit’s trees?” Read full story.

‘Gender is having a moment’: How the wars over misogyny and feminism have finally reached a fever pitch
“In many ways, [men’s rights activists] want to be proactive and progressive, in terms of viewing men in families, and domestic violence. And they don’t want to be excluded from the discussion, and they want to promote a good discussion about men’s involvement in fatherhood or various gender issues,” said York University sociology Professor Robert A. Kenedy in the National Post May 30. “But it is reactionary, unfortunately, in terms of what you see [on campuses] in terms of being excluded. There has been quite a push back, and the universities have rethought security issues.” Read full story.

Toronto’s South Asian community confronts violence against women at home
Vijay Agnew, a professor of women’s studies at York University, says that immigrant communities tend to have mistrust of police. In a recent case of gang rape in rural India two police officers were among those arrested. “They’re not comfortable with the police, or the role the police might play to protect them,” Agnew said in CityNews Toronto May 30. Read full story.

Anti-nuclear advocates, Federal Court trouble Ontario Liberal and PC energy plans
“Falling demand for electricity, sky-high cost projections, a catastrophic meltdown in Japan and a dedicated resistance to nuclear expansion have contributed to tough times for advocates of new and rebuilt nuclear reactors in Ontario,” wrote York University MA candidate Steve Cornwell in Rabble.ca May 30. Read full story.

Fixing history
Given her focus on international LGBT rights, it seemed only logical for filmmaker Nancy Nicol to head to India in 2009 when the Delhi high court struck down the law. “I thought it was a really interesting way to take on issues around oppression,” said the York University visual arts professor in Daily Xtra May 30. “Looking at the treatment of sexual minorities through the lens and legacy of British imperialism and colonialism.” Read full story.

Polar attraction: a Moore/Bacon faceoff at the AGO
Francis Bacon & Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty is on view through July 20 at the Art Gallery of Ontario, reported Buffalo Spree’s June 2014 issue. It is guest curated by York University art history Professor Dan Adler. Read full story.

A celebration of Indo-Trinidadian art and literature
York University Professor Emeritus of English Frank Birbalsingh noted that writing by Indo-Trinidadians comes out of a natural urge, like that in most communities, to express their deepest thoughts and feelings and, in the process, reach a fuller understanding of themselves, their society and their place in the world, reported Trinidad Express May 31. Read full story.

Libido Productions stages Queer Bathroom Stories, now through June 15
Libido Productions presents Queer Bathroom Stories by York University Professor Sheila Cavanagh at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. The show runs tonight, May 31, to June 15, on the eve of WorldPride, reported BroadwayWorld.com May 31. Read full story.